What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, all major credit cards, Venmo, and Google Pay! (There is a 2.6% processing fee for all credit card transactions)

Can I bring my dog?

We love all our furry friends! We have decided to do a trial period and allow well-behaved pets on the property. They must remain on a leash at ALL times and you MUST clean up anything your pet leaves behind. If this is not respected we will stop allowing pets. You also understand that we are not liable or responsible for any issues that arise as a result of your pet on the farm.

Can we take pictures on the property?

Absolutely! We hope this to be a part of your holiday traditions and memory making every year! Snap away! We just ask that you please post and tag us on Facebook!

Will there be someone available to help me load my tree?

Yes! We will always be here for you! Our farm will be staffed at all times in order to answer any questions and help you get that beautiful tree wrapped up and tied on!

Do we need to bring any tools?

Nope! You are welcome to bring your own but we will have gloves, saws and a cart to help you get your tree! We will also be able to bail your tree and provide the twine for tying it on your vehicle!


We are not responsible for any personal items, illness, or injuries that occur while on our property or using our provided tools. You will be here at your own risk and, by agreeing to be on our property, you automatically agree to release us from any liability.

Do you support any local organizations?

YES! We believe in sharing our bounties to create a better community, environment, and world! 5% of all proceeds will be donated to local charities!


On arrival we will help you get parked so that we can fit in as many cars as possible – please be patient with us as it can get very busy! (Please park backing in towards the wall)

Once you unload feel free to indulge in some hot cocoa or hot cider for your walk through the fields! (NO LITTERING! Please bring all cups back to the parking area with you for proper disposal)

If you did not bring your own tools please grab a saw to take to the field. If you need assistance cutting down and dragging the tree back please let us know! 

FIND YOUR PERFECT CHRISTMAS TREE TIME!! Enjoy your walk through the fields! Our trees are priced individually at the beginning of the selling season based on the tree. Tagged trees with have their price on the tag and all untagged trees will be a set price (Note: If you bring a tree back that is not tagged we reserve the right to price it at that time) Once you find your tree use the saw to cut it down. (Please clear the brush from under the tree and cut as close to the ground as possible) You can either drag it back to the parking area or use the cart – if available. 

We will then shake and bail the tree for (or WITH!) you if you like. We will also help you load and tie onto your vehicle if assistance is needed. We will take your payment by the garage where you will also have a chance to win your tree for FREE!!

As you exit please drive slowly and carefully as you may pass others on the driveway.