Our Trees

We are pleased to announce that we are one of the only farms in West Virginia to offer the Leyland Cypress Christmas tree! Because of Climate Change, our region has been having a more difficult time avoiding drought damage and infestation of disease. Because of this we are helping to lead the way in introducing new species that are more tolerant to heat and resistant to disease!

In addition, we also offer White Pine and Norway Spruce.

Leyland Cypress

Picture courtesy of The Spruce

The Leyland Cypress is one of the most popular Christmas trees in the South-East. It is a beautiful dark green color with little aroma produced. This tree is especially good for people with allergies to pine pollen. The Leyland Cypress is a sterile hybrid tree, which means it does not produce any pollen! It has soft branches that will not drop needles and a beautiful, natural shape.

White Pine

Picture courtesy of Merrifield Garden Center

The Eastern White Pine has a luxuriously full shape and soft, feathery needles that won’t prick you while you decorate! With adequate watering this tree will retain its needles longer than most. It has a light, pleasant aroma. The light branches of this tree are best suited to smaller, lighter weight ornaments and garlands.

Norway Spruce

Picture courtesy of Creekside Christmas

One of our favorites! Nicknamed the holiday spruce, this tree has a great aroma and soft needles that display ornaments well. While it boasts beautiful, firm branches, it does tend to lose its needles quicker than other trees so it must be watered very consistently, at least daily, in order to survive once cut.